Friday, June 11, 2010

Communication from Reggio Children, June 8, 2010

"We are entering in touch with you again in order to share some further information regarding the First International Summer School and its organization.

At the moment there are 136 people enrolled coming from almost 30 different countries of the world, such as: Australia, Usa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Turkey, Austria, Lebanon, Uk, Sweden, Greece, Canada, Mexico, France, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Guatemala, Brazil, Belgium, Indonesia, Italy, Iceland, China, Germany, The Netherlands, South Korea, Israel, Jordan, India.

We are very pleased we will have a variety of professional profiles (educators, directors of schools and centres, professors, early childhood consultants, atelieristas, etc.) and so many countries represented. We believe the diversified composition of this group will be an important resource for all the participants to sustain the opportunity for exchanging experiences, points of view, impressions, reflections, understandings and therefore create dialogues among different experiences and different contexts.

In the past days, we have received lots of requests from many of you to receive in advance a draft of the study group programme. Next week we will be able to share with you the draft of the programme."

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